Two Gifts and a Speech before Congress

Last evening as I showed my husband a framed photo of a close up of Winston Churchill’s face I had received from a friend yesterday, it dawned on me that I had received two gifts from separate people related to Churchill in the same day. The other was a mini book, “The Quotable Churchill.” This coincidence started me pondering if there was any significance to be derived? Immediately, I remembered that Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke before a joint congress yesterday giving a strong pointed warning of any concessions given to Iran’s nuclear sanctions being lessened.

My interest in and love for Churchill was birthed through my maternal grandparents, John & Irene Ryan in the mid 90’s. Their respect and admiration for his overcoming spirit when being ostracized by his nation for years, to his legacy of leadership through WWII, peaked a curiosity in me. In 2002 I had the privilege of attending the International Churchill Society Conference in Anchorage. I sat amazed listening to Sir Martin Gilbert, Churchill’s official biographer, Lady Soames, Churchill’s youngest daughter, and others dialogue the statesmanship of this former world leader. Since that conference I have read numerous books about and by Churchill and have stood in his underground War Rooms.

We all need role models, heroes who inspire us to greatness through their courage and endurance in standing for righteousness with compassion for humanity. This mans life has influenced mine as I learned that he struggled with his schooling, fought through years of depression, was un-thwarted by ridicule and betrayal, and imbued his nation and allied nations with supernatural courage and hope to be victorious against all odds.

The need for statesman leaders in our day is just as paramount as in the the 1930’s and 40’s. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s bold speech yesterday is a clarion voice in a sea of ambiguity. Yesterdays gifts stir my soul as a reminder that each generation needs those who will be champions for righteousness in the face of intimidating opposition and evil forces. Who’s life inspires you as an example of fortitude, faith and sacrifice? I encourage you to dig from the deep wells of those whose moral compass will ennoble your heart to believe and act ensuring freedom for the generations coming after us. The ancient book states, “The righteous are as bold as a lion.”

“Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities…. because it is the quality that guarantees all others.” WSC

Hello World!


Hanging from my desk lamp is a sign that I have looked at and pondered for several years, and today is another step in that dream becoming reality.  Posting my first blog!  Going public with what to this point has been very personal and for my eyes only.  Without risk we do not grow, so here I go.  Getting out what is on the inside, defining and refining my thoughts, beliefs, opinions and ideas is and adventure in vulnerability.

Will you join me as I sojourn down this path that we all are on, to become the best version of ourselves?  I am following in the steps of others whose lives have inspired me and encouraging you to discover and reach your ideal you is a passion of mine.  Words – pregnant with meaning that ennoble your heart, engage your mind and awaken your spirit.  May my writing be the skillful work of a poet that helps you hear your song that was seeded into your DNA.

Years ago my self doubt and self loathing hindered self confidence.  Through reading other’s own words of how they battled and overcame tragedy, trauma, mistakes and failures breathed hope into my soul.  I began to believe that if they could persevere and come out the other side with gratitude, wisdom and better, that maybe I could also.  A dear friend of mine whose work as a master chef,cooking instructor, wine country bicycle tour guide, is also an award winning author in culinary history.  Her belief in my abilities continues to bolster my courage to keeping putting myself out there.

So – here I go!  A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.  Having journaled for years, this is not my first step as far as writing, but at being an author.